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1941-Present, Lisboa, Portugal

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Rua Sanches Coelho 3F, 1600-312 Lisboa, Portugal

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Alves Ribeiro is a company dedicated to the construction industry in public and private procurement. It was founded in 1941 by Artur Alves Ribeiro, its founder. However, the company had already a background in the area. Artur Alves Ribeiro was working individually since 1931. With an initial capital of 500 escudos, the company embarked on public works, in particular roads and airfields, despite the economic recession that affected Europe after World War II. The first works, which still refer to when Artur Alves Ribeiro worked in a personal capacity, lasted until 1941, when the company had already been founded. These were earthworks, sewers, pavements and the construction of a viaduct over the existing railway line of Avenida Gago Coutinho and Avenida Almirante Reis, in Lisbon, commissioned by the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and the Junta Autónoma das Estradas.

Orders were quickly directed to other types of construction, namely airports – the Lisbon Airport in 1942, the Montijo Airport in 1948 and the Sal Airport in 1949 – or even student complexes, which accompanied the company's growth over these two centuries – the Maristas College of Carcavelos in 1963, the Catholic University of Lisbon in 1968, the College of St. John of Brito in 1999, the College of St. Thomas in 2006, the College Valsassina in 2007 and the new campus of Nova School of Business & Economics in 2017. Throughout the century Alves Ribeiro was present in several public works and buildings of great importance for to country and which are still symbols of the history of construction in Portugal, such as Avenida de Ceuta, the renovation of Parque Eduardo VII, the headquarters of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the two stadiums of Sporting Clube de Portugal, the Amoreiras shopping complex and, more recently, the MAAT building.

In the 1950s, two sons of the founder, Vítor Silva Ribeiro and José Alves Ribeiro, joined the company and continued its management, having been linked to several works from the 70's. In 1983, the company Mundicenter was created, with the goal of developing the business area of the shopping centers and its consecutive exploration, including, for exemple, Amoreiras Shopping and Oeiras Park. Still in the 1980s, in 1987, the company Alrisa was created, responsible for the promotion and management of real estate under lease and sale. This company owns, for example, the Amoreiras towers and other buildings on Avenida da República, Praça de Alvalade or Estrada de Benfica. In the 90's, Banco Invest was created, dedicated to the areas of Corporate finance, Private Banking, Brokerage and Credit. Finally, in the new century, the Alves Ribeiro Group, which started to compose all these companies, was internationalized. In 2006 a construction company is established in Angola. In 2012, the company got its first project in Brazil, winning an infrastructure in Florianópolis.

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